fragments index

book cover with typewriter art drawing and title handwritten in medieval typeface


2021  DRAWING, BOOK  meandering around meander valley

black glitch pixel typography title on purple cover

Cyber Ruins

2021  FIELD RESEARCH, BOOK  Part 3: Adjective + Noun

collage of cut printed matter in business card size

card collages

2020  COLLAGE  Cut✂ printed matter is glued on cardboard in business card size.

a weathered piece of paper with handwritten words “Zu Verschenken” (Give Away)

Zu Verschenken

2020  FIELD RESEARCH, BOOK  Collection of hand-painted signs from give away boxes on the sidewalks.

white book cover with carbon trace drill cover


2020  DRAWING, SOUND, BOOK  I wanted to use a drilling machine for drawing purposes the other day.

open book on street sign copy

fiber field recordings

2020  FIELD RESEARCH, BOOK  A bicycle expedition to the new digital farming infrastructure.

small book, cover with black print of crumpled paper and title stamping on yellow marmorated paper


2020  POETRY, BOOK  16 discarded poems.

wavy logo on marmorated paper

Spätzles Press

2020  ZINES  The Spätzles Press is a great tool for making fresh noodles~~ and an edition of printed copies at irregular intervals.

postcard, lost phone print

Lost Footage

2016–  FIELD RESEARCH  I found some lost footage on the way.

open book on blueback paper


2017–2019  VISUAL RESEARCH  A compilation of graphic works and sketches🗒 from a previous version of this website.