Updates and live fractionary

antenna alignment via MASTODONPIXELFED

»A thousand times better than the old.«, geometric drawing framed by little working people

Tausendmal besser als das Alte.

person drowning in a glitched streetview

something went wrong on the timeline

acrylic glass composition


dithering drawing of doctor with patient and replacement character glyph

replacement character �

wedge drawing multiplied and glitched apart

linke keile

duckduckgo search result for poesis ex machina showing ad for fabric sacks

poesis ex machina(20191109)

3slide animation showing line drawing of forms and a head with closed eyes crushing them at the last slide


Im Winterpalais war Nora Greek, Business Development Executive, mal bei einer Führung vergessen worden. Das war aber noch in Zeiten vor der Revolution.

Nora Greek, Business Development Executive

person cleaning up

Cleaning Up

light reflection of transparent BIC pen on paper


book cover with whirl stamp on recycled cardboard


monitor cleaning cloth

(monitor cleaning cloth, 20191006)

drawing of an empty coat rail