digital collage, laser print copy, 21×29.7 cm, 2023

New spaces of struggle have been opened. Le transport du menhir sur la rampe. Urbanisme Nouveau. L’érection du menhir. External Links: Image: Fontaine Saint Augustin. The holy well of Saint Augustin in Vosges, Alsace-Lorraine. Possibilit'de déposer vos autorisations d’urbanisme dématérialisées sur: Le petit menhir. To see the most up to date information please register for. Too many sites to plot them all on the map. Please use one of the filters above, or click Next Matches at the bottom of the page to see more. Search Results. I found this repeatedly decapitated stone statue on the Internet. For centuries people have hated the thing and decapitated it, others make annual procession and because the head was always gone there is now only this basic egg-smiley head. Somehow I like the story, the village is not far away, maybe I'll go there and see it. 403 forbidden. Principe de laminage. Gosette. Gosette aux cerises. Lieu d’origine: Wallonie, Bruxelles, Gand. Place dans le service: Dessert, goûter, encas. Température de service: Froide. Ingrédients: Pâte levée, sucre, fruits. Classification: Tarte. Modifier. Reforme des (…) grève (…) ici 11h30 Barbecue 14h30 Manif Tous. Das lange s wurde in französischen Texten fast schlagartig mit der Revolution unüblich.