black laser print on orange neon paper. A deformed map indicates the location of a place that is labelled with typical social media tags
Digital Collage, Laser print, 2021
Cyber Cave Internet Cafe.
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black laser print on yellow neon paper. A group of people with white coats standing around a machine, operating the machine. The image is distorted and the faces wobble in glitch

Behind the Cave (operators)
The science engineers test a new thinking coil machine. They meet on every second Monday.
black laser print on pink neon paper. A waiter stands behind an old wooden counter in a coffeehouse. A labyrinth world from a cyber game is next to the person and also overlaying the image

Next Please!
Every customer is served with (some) dignity. You’re allowed to bring games to the cybercave.
black laser print on green neon paper. A person wearing a training suit is sitting in a plastic chair outside a cafe. The cafe name CYBERCAVE is written on its marquise. Old desktop computers wait for more visitors on the tables outside.

In good weather you can also sit outside the cybercave.